As a crossover artist between painting, drawing and sculpture, Małgorzata Bujnicka developed her own identity out of tradition and modern age. Her work combines abstraction and concreteness in multiple ways. It is full of multi-faceted reflections and observations of mass culture’s social phenomena.

As her main means of expression, she uses the human body. Her paintings reveal dynamic figures in strong colors, showing their multi-layered and deep inner life, which opens up to the observers, drawing them inside instead of remaining secluded. The “sculptress eye” may be responsible for this effect. When painting, she perceives in a razor-sharp way what she sees and transcribes physical body traits in their complexity.

At the same time, she delves into the world of recollection and imagination. What we see and spot in the artist’s paintings is a kaleidoscope of dreams and realities. As a painters who has worked as sculptress for years, she literally chisels figures with the brush from an amorphous density of impressions that are tied together, transformed and newly assembled.

The artist makes use of a far-reaching palette of painting techniques, adding allegorical and symbolic elements to classic, realistic and unusual motifs – thus creating an artistic fabric full of unbelievable, deep and suggestive tales.